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I Love ALL Dogs Bracelet (1 Bracelet = 5 Meals)

I Love ALL Dogs Bracelet (1 Bracelet = 5 Meals)

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1 Bracelet Feeds 5 Dogs

Every 'I Love ALL Dogs' Bracelet you purchase provides food to fur babies in need! A part of your purchase goes to our charity partner, who collaborates with local dog shelters to feed hungry shelter dogs.

Millions of dogs around the world need our help...

The World Health Organization reports that over 200 million dogs worldwide are homeless, suffering from hunger, and neglected, desperately requiring assistance. These sweet innocent animals need our help!

Be the hero that saves a dog in need...

Each purchase of a “I Love ALL Dogs” Bracelet feed 5 shelter dogs in dire need. By purchasing a bracelet you can make an impact and be the hero these dogs desperately need!

Customer Reviews

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Leonie W.

My wife just died and so did our dog a few days after. I bought 6 of these bracelets (one for me and each of our children) to remember them by. You're doing great work here - keep it up.

Alex K.

I boght 4 bracelets, each for one of my granddaughters! They wanted friendship bracelets and love dogs so this was perfect. Thanks!

Andrea G.

I got this for my daughter for her birthday! She LOVED it! She has 4 dogs each of which have come from a shelter so this was very impactful. Thanks for all that you do.

Lena M.

I bought 7 bracelets for each of my grandchildren. Love the idea of being able to give them a christmas gift that makes a difference.

Maria T.

i love dogs and i wish i could rescue all of them. i had to get 4 bracelets and an emotional support stuffed animal. got a duck! i also got a t-shirt. i love everything and the bracelets are very well made. just got them today and will be wearing all 4 every day! thank you so much!